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Exterior Stucco Repair & More – Calgary’s Premier Contractors

When it comes to your stucco needs for your home or buildings, our team stands ready to deliver expert solutions, regardless of the project size.

Expert Stucco Repair Contractors

Are you looking for reliable stucco repair contractors in Calgary? Look no further! At Alberta Parging, we boast a reliable team of seasoned stucco experts dedicated to delivering quality applications and repairs for homes and businesses alike.

From Minor Repairs to Major Projects

Whether it’s a minor crack repair or a major stucco application, our commitment to precision and dedication remains unwavering. We approach every project with the expertise and skills expected of professional contractors.

Protect Your Property

Don’t overlook small cracks! These seemingly minor imperfections can lead to major issues like leaks and moisture intrusion. Our professional stucco and parging contractors specialize in instantly fixing these cracks, ensuring your property remains protected.

Comprehensive Stucco Services

Our versatile repair team handles various stucco and parging needs. From newly constructed windows to undoing woodpecker damage, we seamlessly match old stucco with new ones, ensuring a flawless finish.


Quality Materials, Superior Techniques

When it comes to stucco repairs, we prioritize quality. We use high-quality Blueskin/building paper and diamond mesh to fortify your windows and their plywood, ensuring lasting protection.

Best Rates, Best Services

Seeking the best rates for quality stucco services in Calgary? Look no further. Our expertise and dedication come at the best prices, ensuring your investment in your property is both reliable and affordable

Are You Ready for Spring?

Have you noticed cracks or imperfections in your stucco? Spring is an optimal time for repairs, preventing leaks and foundation issues. Worried about potential damage due to the thaw? Our experts are here to assess and address those concerns promptly.

Experience Quality Stucco Solutions

Ready to transform your property with flawless stucco repairs? Whether for residential or commercial needs, our team is here to offer comprehensive stucco solutions that exceed expectations.